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# Station Name Genre Country Language
LISTEN.977 The Oldies Channel50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTEN1.FM - Back To The 50s & 60s50s/60sUSAEnglish - Good Time Oldies50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENA Better Radio - 50s & 60s Jukebox50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENBig R Beatles50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENBoomer Radio - Crusin' Oldies50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENCult Radio A-Go-Go!50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENDestination Doo Wop50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENDoo Wop Cove Radio50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENGotRadio - Classic 60's50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENGotRadio - Forever Fifties50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENKDKK 97.5 FM Park Rapids, MN50s/60sUSAEnglish - 60's50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENKINO 1610 AM Oakhurst CA50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENKOMY 1340 AM Santa Cruz CA50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENKRTH 101.1 HD2 Los Angeles, CA50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENKYAF 94.7 FM Firebaugh, CA50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENLuxuria Music50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENMusicchoice Solid Gold Oldies50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENOldies 104 Topeka, KS50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENORSRadio - 50s & 60s50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENPsychedelic Jukebox50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENRadio Bop50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENRadio Bop 60s50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENTCB The Elvis Music Station50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENWARE 1250 AM Ware, MA50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENWBIG 100.3 FM HD-2 Washington, DC50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTENWLQT 99.9 FM HD-2 Dayton, OH50s/60sUSAEnglish
LISTEN.92 FOXX FM JayMC70s/80sUSAEnglish
LISTEN.977 The 80s Channel70s/80sUSAEnglish
LISTEN1.FM - Absolute 70's Pop70s/80sUSAEnglish
LISTEN1.FM - All Euro 80's70s/80sUSAEnglish
LISTEN1.FM - Back To The 80's (US)70s/80sUSAEnglish
LISTEN1.FM - Disco Ball 70's-80's70s/80sUSAEnglish
LISTEN107 Wans70s/80sUSAEnglish - Awesome 80's70s/80sUSAEnglish - Lite 80's70s/80sUSAEnglish - Super 70s70s/80sUSAEnglish